Fight ENDO is a nationally accredited non-profit organisation and charity that provides a place of aid and hope by ensuring that all women suffering with endometriosis are able to live their best lives, unrestricted by the condition. We are committed to advancing endometriosis awareness, promoting education, and funding research.

About Us

Our Board 

Marina Kyriakou

Executive Director & Founder

Executive Professional | Pharmaceutical | Hospital | Business Development | Allied Health | Ba (Science)

Marina Kyriakou is the CEO and founder of Fight ENDO Australia and serves on it’s board of directors.

Marina’s career served in the world’s largest healthcare companies and her expertise was developing and delivering transformational and innovative healthcare solution in pharmaceuticals and consumer health.

Marina was motivated to work in the field of medicine because she saw firsthand how medical treatment improved the quality of life for those with serious illnesses. Over the course of her 25 years with the executive management, she worked in every department, across every region, and in every role, gaining a deep understanding of its capabilities in the process.

Prior to becoming CEO, Marina served as Chairman of the Executive Committees, where she provided strategic direction for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health sectors and supervised the phasing of clinical trials, SAS compassionate medications, and the Global Supply Chain.

Throughout her 25-year tenure, Marina has held positions in Pharmaceutical, Medical Management, Allied Health, and Hospital Leadership in the public and private sectors. A leader who has effectively built new enterprises and led diverse, multi-cultural teams, with demonstrated success in adapting to business challenges and the ability to influence and deliver long-term results at all levels.

Marina’s ENDO Journey:

From the age of 16 to the age of 40, when she was diagnosed with stage IV Endometriosis, Marina has experienced a long and agonising journey with endometriosis. She is committed to the disease’s research and is very compassionate for those suffering from the disease. After undergoing several treatments and multiple surgeries, she was forced to make the difficult decision to undergo a hysterectomy and a bowel resection. Unfortunately, endometriosis prevented her from conceiving her own children since it spread to her main organs. Marina hopes that she will be able to inspire and educate the next generation, as well as raise awareness and promote research for a brighter future.

Tazfeera Gurreebun

Chief Finance Officer

Executive Professional | Commercial | NFP | | Financial Management | MBA | Ba (Accounting)

Tazfeera holds the top financial position in the organization. As a member of the executive management team, our CFO communicates with numerous company personnel. Tazfeera provides leadership, direction, and management for the team and providing the president and members of the executive team with strategic recommendations, managing the financial forecasting and budgeting processes and supervising the creation of all financial reports and providing long-term financial and business strategies.

Peter Floros

Chief Operations Officer

Executive Professional | Operations| Mechanical Engineering| Business Development | Commercial Operations| Ba (Engineering)

Peter is a vital member of our executive management team. Peter retains command over numerous commercial processes, and he is a highly skilled and effective leader. Our COO implements business strategies, plans, and procedures and set’s comprehensive goals for performance and growth to establish policies that promote company culture and vision. Peter oversee’s daily operations of the company and the work of executives assist the CFO in fundraising endeavors and participate’s in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.).

Helena Smith

Board Member

Executive Professional | Marketing | Customer Experience | Head of Fundraising | Ba (Marketing)

Helena our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a C-level corporate executive responsible for activities in the organization that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for ENDO patients and our clients and business partners.

John Douglas

Board Member

Executive Professional | HR People & Culture | Recruitment| Law |Governance| Ba (Business & Law)

John is a true generalist, the People and Culture Coordinator is responsible for the administration and coordination of a range of human resources functions. John supports recruitment, on boarding, learning, diversity, policy review, as well as key strategic initiatives.

John also is the Senior Governance Officer coordinates the delivery of the internal audit plans and implements and maintains internal audit policies, strategies and processes.

About Us


Ambassadors for Fight ENDO are well-known figures from the domains of all walks of life. From the arts, sports, social media, and beyond who use their influence to promote awareness, educate the public, advocate for policy reform, and financially support initiatives aimed at discovering a cure for endometriosis.

About Us

ENDO Heroes

You have strength beyond what you realise, and you are so much more than your endometriosis. Learn how to live well with endometriosis with advice and encouragement from specialists and other endo fighters.

About Us


TeamFightENDO supports all women with endometriosis. Connect with others who understand what it is like to live with endometriosis and get the emotional and informational support you need to get through your treatment and therapy. TeamFightENDO can help you build genuine connections, form lasting friendships, and talk about the highs and lows of your day without fear of being judged.

Join the hashtag, and together we can make ENDO a strong and viral phenomenon.